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Price increases each Stage Listing Price - 1 $XMINING = $0.025

Revolutionizing Bitcoin Mining by staking $XMINING Tokens

Profit with Every Stake

Stake $XMINING for reliable rewards from our optimized Bitcoin mining. Beyond an investment, it’s a smart way to grow your holdings. Let your tokens earn for you. Stake, earn, and advance financially with us today.

Perpetual Mining Growth

Invest in $XMINING for endless rewards. Our token’s design ensures your mining efforts yield consistent growth over time.

Private and Empowered

Your privacy is our priority. Stake $XMINING tokens with the confidence that your identity is protected through our advanced, privacy-focused blockchain technology.

Autonomous Wealth

Unlock the power of $XMINING and watch your wealth grow autonomously. Staking is simple, and the rewards are real-time

0% Fees

Autonomous Wealth

Easy & Quick Staking

Introducing $XMINING: A New Era of ICOs
Join our revolutionary platform, where ICO participation comes with unmatched rewards.
With $XMINING, staking transforms into earning, redefining investment benefits in the crypto space.

  • Presale: 55%
  • Community Rewards: 15%
  • Bitcoin Mining Operations: 15%
  • Staked Tokens: 10%
  • Marketing: 5%
  • Presale: 55%
  • Community Rewards: 15%
  • Bitcoin Mining Operations: 15%
  • Staked Tokens: 10%
  • Marketing: 5%

$XMINING: Easy Bitcoin mining with our decentralized, tokenized and profitable cloud platform.

  • 1Symbol: $XMINING
  • 2Listing Value : 1 $XMINING = $0.025
  • 3Type : ERC20
  • 4Total Supply : 210,000,000

X Mining: A Visionary Roadmap

Phase 1: Presale and Ecosystem Foundation

Presale Kickoff

Launch of an unprecedented presale event, laying the groundwork for a revolutionary mining ecosystem.

Phase 2: Technological Leap

Advanced Platform Development

Development of state-of-the-art mining software, integrating AI and blockchain advancements for optimized operations.

Phase 3: Strategic Expansion

Global Outreach

Expansion of X Mining's reach through strategic partnerships, enhancing our global footprint in the crypto mining industry.

Phase 4: Platform Launch

Revolutionary Platform Debut

Official launch of the X Mining platform, featuring innovative mining solutions and a user-centric approach.

Phase 5: Market Disruption

Disruptive Market Entry

Introduction of groundbreaking mining models and services, reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency

Meet our Team

Dominic Gordon

Founder & CEO

Floyd Miles


Arlene McCoy

Technology Officer

Robert Fox

Financial Officer

Jacob Jones

Head of Blockchain

Albert Flores

Product Designer

Devon Lane

Visual Designer

Jerome Bell

Legal & DPO

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure you have a decentralized wallet such as MetaMask that holds sufficient ETH. Once your wallet is set up and funded, simply connect it to our presale box to purchase our tokens. If you need to top up your wallet, you can buy ETH from popular exchanges like Binance.

Cloud mining allows individuals to either purchase or rent a stake in third-party mining operations. This approach eliminates the necessity for individuals to set up and manage their own hardware. Essentially, cloud mining provides a streamlined entry into the mining ecosystem, making it feasible for those who may not have the technical expertise or resources to engage in traditional mining setups.

XMINING offers a unique stake-to-mine platform, empowering investors to mine Bitcoin through an easy and decentralized approach. By participating in our Bitcoin Mining operations, investors earn rewards in $XMINING tokens. The process is straightforward: by staking your $XMINING tokens and maintaining them in a staked state, you are eligible to receive mining rewards. This innovative method combines the efficiency of cloud mining with the advantages of decentralized systems, offering a seamless Bitcoin mining experience.

With $XMINING, you can harness an estimated annual reward of 81%. This translates to an impressive monthly ROI of approximately 6.75%. By staking your tokens and maintaining them in a staked state, these rewards accumulate, enhancing your investment's value. It's important to note that rewards can only be claimed after the presale concludes and the token officially launches. Our platform is designed to maximize your earning potential in a structured and efficient manner.

$XMINING is set to launch and make its debut on exchanges immediately after meeting our fundraising objectives. Once the presale is ended, token holders will have the opportunity to claim their $XMINING tokens directly from our website. We will keep our community updated with all pertinent information regarding the claim process and launch dates through our social media channels.

Acquiring $XMINING tokens during our presale comes with the convenience of automatic staking. From the moment of purchase, your tokens are actively staked within the ecosystem, ensuring you begin accruing rewards immediately. Please note that these tokens will remain staked until the official launch date, securing an attractive 81% APY in the interim. This staking mechanism is designed to reward early supporters directly through the presale phase.

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